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Hearth Style Noodles

DaVinci Hearth Style Noodles are wide, but still cook to a perfect al dente texture. This pasta is perfect by itself or as part of the most intricate pasta dish, as they can and should be used in both home kitchens, and the highest quality of Italian restaurants.

Ingredients: Durum flour (wheat), egg yolks or eggs, niacin, ferrous lactate (iron), thiamin mononitrate (vitamin b1), riboflavin (vitamin b2), folic acid.

Hearth Style Noodles

UPC 0 70670-00777 7
New Weight 12.00 ounces

Unit Specs

Length (Depth) 2.65 inches
Width 12.55 inches
Height 7.10 inches

Case Specs

Pack 12
Weight 10.19 pounds
Length (Depth) 16.85 inches
Width 11.15 inches
Height 11.00 inches
Cubic Feet 1.20 inches
GTIN-14 1 00 70670 00777 4

Pallet Specs

Cases Per Tier 9
Tiers Per Pallet 6
Total Cases 54

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